- Do you have very often headaches?
- Do you feel tired when you read?
- Do you have the impression that your 3 dimensional vision works insufficiently?

Orthoptics is a profession allied to eye care profession whose primary emphasis is the diagnosis and non-surgical management of strabismus (wandering eye), amblyopia (lazy eye) and eye movement disorders. The word orthoptics comes from the Greek words ὀρθός orthos, "straight" and ὀπτικός optikοs, "relating to sight" and much of the practice of orthoptists concerns refraction and muscular eye control. An orthoptic examination of the binocular function of the eyes, typically performed by an orthoptist. A stereoscopic instrument presents a slightly different picture to each eye. The examiner notes the degree to which the pictures are combined by the normal process of fusion. If the person has diplopia, separate pictures are seen. If the person has suppression amblyopia, only one picture is seen. Vision training, especially in children, may improve binocular vision in some conditions.